My name is Rafi Islam.  I live in New York.  I am an attorney and also the founder of Fast for Hunger Project.  During Ramadan of 2016 I realized I was saving a good amount of money by skipping meals at the office.  I started putting that money aside.  I fasted once a week even after Ramadan and kept on saving that money.  I selected a handful of poor elderly who are no longer able to work in my hometown in Bangladesh.  I  made  them picture ID cards and started buying food for them once a week for the whole week.  This is how our little project was born.  


I am very happy with the progress we have made since inception.  I started telling my friends and family and they started contributing funds into the project.  In April of 2020  just before Ramadan, we completed distribution of 100,000 meals.   

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