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My name is Rafi Islam.  I live in New York and practice law.   During Ramadan of 2016 I realized I was saving a good amount of money by skipping meals at the office.  I had an idea and started putting that money aside.  I fasted once a week even after Ramadan and kept on saving money.  I selected a handful of poor elderly who were no longer able to work in my hometown in Bangladesh.  I  made  them picture ID cards and started buying food for them once a week for the whole week.  This is how our little project was born.  


I am very happy with the progress we have made since inception.  I started telling my friends and family and they started making little sacrifices in their daily lives and started contributing into the project.  By October 2023 we have completed distribution of 662400 meals in all our 8 locations in Bangladesh and we are just getting started. 

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