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COVID 19: With safety as our priority due to the outbreak of the corona virus in Bangladesh, Fast for Hunger Project has taken the initiative to distribute food for up to three weeks in advance. We are able to bring life sustaining food to people in need only because of our generous donors. 

Fast for Hunger Celebrates 4 Years!

December 15 was the 4 year anniversary of our Fast For Hunger Project.  In these four years we have expanded our project from just one small location to 4 different locations in Bangladesh.  We have weathered many floods, monsoons in these years of operation and of course ongoing Covid 19 related issues of this year.  In no circumstance did we skip or miss distribution of food in any of our locations.  

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One million meals distribution by the end of 2025

We dream to complete distribution of one million meals by the end of 2025.

Fast for Hunger Project started distributing food in Bogura, Bangladesh

I’m happy to tell you that we started new location in a district called Bogura on September 2020.  It’s a difficult spot with people in dire conditions.  Fifteen families to start for now.  It took our manager 3 trips there to set everything up.  I will expand when I will be there later this year but for now, we are operational there.  Again, thanks to all our donors we are able to do this work for almost 4 years now.

Post-flood medical team in Jamalpur, Bangladesh

The Fast for Hunger Project has formed the post-flood medical team. In August, 2020, two hundred and seven (207) patients have been given treatment and medicine in the village of around 9,000 Chor, Saapdhari Union of Jamalpur, the most affected area of Jamalpur. After 1 hour of car, one and a half hour boat and few miles of walking from Jamalpur town our volunteers and medical team arrived in the area. All medicine and prescriptions were provided free of cost among all patients including post-wild disease, common disease. Many thanks to all our donors and volunteers. Special thanks to: Yusuf Khan Sagar, Moniruzzaman Manib, Dr. Mofazzal Hossain Bidyut, SM Jamal Naser, Sabuj Mia and many more brothers and sisters including Rubel Mia.

Flood relief in two of our locations in Bangladesh.

In July of 2020, there was a severe flood in locations of Bangladesh. Our team provided food for families during this time.