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Let's make a difference in this world together.

If you want to get involved in our mission to feed the poor, democratize charity, help close social gaps and increase compassion between the rich and the poor, do it by setting small examples yourself.  Fast one day a week, or fast once a month, skip one meal a week, skip one coffee a week, skip one item from the menu when you go to a restaurant, skip one item when you invite friends or family to a meal at home, or skip one item at your wedding dinner and simply donate that money.  It's so easy.  Our way of charity is for everyone, not just the rich.  It's far more democratic and open.  It is the only way to reach masses in the most compassionate way.  

You can donate via Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, BKash or simply a check to our charity.  You can adopt an elderly person and pledge to feed him or her for the whole year for only $10 a month.  As many of our donors do, you may also pay for the whole year in the beginning of the year,  You can also give a portion from your Zakat, your tax refund or any other source of income.  It is easier than ever before.  We post pictures of food distribution every week on social media so you can keep a check on our activities at all time.  We also keep the pictures saved in our files for six months for anyone to see at any later date.  

For Zelle use this phone # or email:


Phone: 917-459-4190


Name: Tania C.

Bkash: 01758223336

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