We want to make charity easy, accessible and democratic.  All over the world giving charity is seen as a privilege reserved only for the rich.  This in turn makes the social gap between the rich and poor even greater.  In Fast for Hunger Project, anyone who has some kind of guarantee of three meals a day can donate his or her one meal once a week.  We all can skip a meal, coffee, desert or appetizer once in a while.  This doesn't require any extra savings on part of the donor.  Also, the receiver of the food doesn't feel ashamed taking the food because he or she knows that this food is not coming from a place of traditional charity and all its stigma, but from a place of greater compassion.  What is more compassionate than giving your struggling brother and sister your own plate of food.  I believe this will help close social gaps and help eliminate tension caused by ever growing distances between people in our societies.  We have already completed distribution of 200,000 meals just from donations made from small sacrifices by our donors and will reach 250,000 by end of May 2021.   We want to take that number to one million by the end of 2025.  Join us in our mission.    

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